About ME

I have been working in Customer Care and Support for almost 15 years. 

I originally took an email support job to fill space between gigs as I worked to become a film sound designer and sound engineer in 2002. 

About a year in, the emails and phone queues were growing and my coworkers and I were suing and sharing notes on text files for common answers and it was becoming unmanageable syncing our info, copying and pasting, etc. My then boss told me that our knowledge base was derelict and I could take a whack at organizing and fixing it. 

Years of honing my content and customer experience skills went into that KB and many other companies, such as Roxio, Rovi, CinemaNow, Corel, and AVG. Not only was I becoming pretty good at knowledge content and organization with great customer success and saving companies millions of dollars in contacts, I branched out: I 'programmed' two different virtual agents; created best practices in knowledge execution in multiple portals and languages; created successful social media support protocols; managed a community of thousands of users with 20 volunteer moderators; and lead the project  and customer experience for AVG's Support Center with an exceptional team of individuals where I was the Director of Self-Service.

This blog is the culmination of my work and experiences for companies  - new and old, B2C and B2B - to find that balance between corporate goals and exceptional customer service online that scales and, when necessary, makes business sense. I'll get into more detail on these philosophies for both start ups and enterprises as I always try to scale for both. 

I'm happy to share these ideas and hope they help you make critical decisions to help customers even if you go in an opposite direction that I'm preaching about. 

Personally: I live in the San Francisco Bay Area. I've been lucky to spend large amounts of time in Austria (working on the German), and enjoy music production, entomology (specifically ants and bees), and learning the accordion.

Feel free to reach out to me if you have questions, disagree, or just want to say "hi".