"Building an FAQ Page" blog post for Kayako, FAQ philosophy clarification / by Jon Meyer Meyer

It's been a great month working at Twilio! My coworkers are fun, enthusiastic, and wonderfully geeky where, if I say it loud enough, any major sci-fi/fantasy franchise, comic book, or Monty Python reference won't go unmissed. 

Also, Kayako has published my most recent blog How to Build an Amazingly Helpful FAQ Page. In this post, I boil down some key things that you want to put into your FAQ page - if you must have one.

As we get to now each other, it'll seem I'll contradict myself about FAQs. Truth is, FAQs are very much like going bar hopping: pacing yourself with a set of rules for yourself and you'll survive the morning; go nuts and you'll wake up wondering how and why you drank so much.

With FAQs, smaller, tight lists is better than massive ones. This prevents a content hangover for your readers. However, many sites don't achieve this for a variety of reasons: lack of time, pressure from coworkers, or adding one hot issue on top of many older hot issues that should have been retired from the FAQ list.

And one last point on FAQs as the coffee kicks in: "FAQs" should not be confused with the whole of your knowledgebase. It's not uncommon for people to call their whole KB the "FAQS" (I've heard this with multiple clients and companies). FAQs are short lists of questions commonly asked questions (one could say 'promoted') which is made up of articles from your knowledgebase. I'll toss this into the Evernote and write a more thorough entry. But if you're going to scale and measure your KB, consider this distinction.

Talk to you soon and be awesome!